Does CSS background-image generate hits?

If I have a div element with this CSS will count towards the hit limit?
#divElement {
background-image: url(“image.png”);

No, it won’t do nothing on your site. It’s just a simple css code. Its not a script or something like a php or javascript.

I’m not sure how this host defines “hits” but getting a background image requires a call to the server to fetch the image, so could well be counted as a “hit”.

Yep, it is counted as HITS just like @webbrewers said.

All resources that is being called on a website’s page load generate a HIT.

Techniques on how to minimize daily hits



If your website is still in a coding process, you can do techniques.

  1. Combining Images into One Image and Create A Sprite and Use It using CSS
    Sprite is an image consists of many images. Every image in the sprite should have a definable height and width, and the X and Y position.

    How did a “Sprite” minimizes load?

  1. Combining CSS files
  2. Combining JS files



If the coding is complete, and ready to be shown, use these techniques:

  1. Cache every resources
  2. Use CDN

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