Do we have shell access?

I am having trouble running flash files from my website using Chrome, because it now blocks flash unless it is from a https website. I can’t afford $50 a year to purchase an SSL certificate, but I found a CA service that can do it for free. The problem I’m running into is that it requires shell access, and I don’t know if I have that. If so, how do I access it, and if not, is there any other way that you know of to enable SSL without paying a premium? Thanks!

Here is the service I planned on using.

EDIT: It seems as though they also have a cPanel addon that the hosting provider can enable, allowing easy, free SSL.

Shell access on free hosting servers is not available (it’s blocked on most web hosting services for security reasons). And even if you had shell access, Let’s Encrypt is not supported here. Their domain verification method doesn’t work with our security systems.

I am aware that the cPanel addon exists. Premium hosting does use cPanel and Let’s Encrypt is integrated in their control panel. Check it out:

However, InfinityFree does not use cPanel so we can’t install cPanel addons.