Do I have to install separate PhP software to access my database?

Hi, I am a starting self-taught programmer and I have a general question: I know that Infinityfree runs myPhPAdmin to manage the MySQL databases, but I couldn’t find any clear indication of whether I have to install PhP software on my domain itself to run PhP scripts.

I want to create an online text-based game which runs off data in the database. Can I simply upload/create .php files that can access the DB? If I do need extra PhP programs, are there recommendations as to which one?

I also want to run a forum alongside the game, and it looks like I can use phpBB or something similar for that. For the game itself, I assume I would need one of the framework options from the softaculous software list?

The program that connects to database is available already, no need to install :slight_smile:

there are lots of tutorials about how to connect to database with php.


We provide MySQL databases and a PHP runtime environment for you to run your website on. Our PHP runtime has MySQL connection extensions enabled by default so you can connect to your database from your website with us.

What you do with the space is pretty much up to you. A hosting account is a blank canvas where you can create whatever you want. You can use existing PHP software on your site, write your own software, or a combination of those two. We provide tools to help you get started (like Softaculous), but it’s completely up to you whether you want to use any of those tools or would rather find or build your own software to use instead.


Thank you for the information! I’ll get to work as-is, then :smiley:

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