DNS Stops Working?

Hello, I have a domain registered for my site, I have the name servers set up and even some A records for it and I have waited longer then 72 hours but it seems like sometimes my site just doesn’t work for some people, sometimes it works for me but not other people, sometimes it works for my personal pc but not my other laptop/phone ect. Why is this? (Everything else related to my dns is fine)

Could you share your domain name so we can check?

bans.royalmining.net and plots.royalmining.net

I see your domain has dual NS set (as well as subdomains)
so then depending on which NS is serving at that moment for your users
also depends on whether the website will work or not



do not mix NS - uses only Cloudflare NS

And in addition set Flexible SSL on CF


This seems to work! Thanks so much!

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