Dns setup error


i am trying to tell my registrar to point to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com (i also tried ns1 dot byet dot org and ns2 dot byet dot org as suggested in the “learn more” from the setup account box

unfortunately it seems to be refused by my registrar, they come up with an explanation saying that your dns servers return an error but they are not telling me which one, i asked but they are not cooperating much

i am the first one to have such an issue

i have tried repeatedly and also waited up to 72 hours as suggested but still it does not point to your nameservers…

thanks anyone for precious help


thanks a lot that is very useful;)

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can you tell us the name of the registrar you use so that we have a record for the future

for now we know about:
registro.br / com.br
one from Italy and Hungary

i use domaine.fr, they used to ok with my previous hosting on a2hosting.com but now i try to move to free hosting it strangely seems more complicated…

thanks again

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