I have read in the infinityfree documentation that this is fixed by changing the nameserver to another one. But, I would like to know if this is due to a specific error or it could be because I have just added a domain that I have linked to infinityfree adding its main nameservers an hour ago, if so, I guess it would be just waiting and I wouldn’t have to change the domains. But if it’s a unique error that can only be fixed by changing them, I’ll do it.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion

Make sure you fill out the template next time.

What is your URL?


It could be either. DNS errors can either be a problem with configuration or just DNS cache meaning you don’t see it.

Did you try entering your domain in our Domain Checker tool? That will tell your the current nameservers of your domain name, and tell you if they look good. And whether you need to change anything or just have patience.

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