My problem is

This site can’t be reached

sambhattarai.com.np ’s server IP address could not be found.



When exactly did you experience these issues? Our own monitoring did notice some blips in the service of our DNS network, especially around the US West and Asia regions (those parts of the world are served from Los Angeles). Depending on when you got this issue, those hiccups may have resulted in these issues for your website.

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hi Admin. im having the same problem,

this is what i get when i serch my web:

This site can’t be reached

www.arisstoshop.com ’s server IP address could not be found.


i already change my server name on goddady site. what else should i do. Thanks

You should do nothing but wait for at least 72 hours for you to access the website. If you can’t access it, try using a VPN or a faster DNS resolver.


Perhaps you could answer the questions I asked before?

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My problem solved. Thank you

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