DNS nameservers with Godaddy

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www.vectorinternationaltelecoms.co.za nameservers not pointin
(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Error Message

how did you manage to resolve the matter @Thuthukani
(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information

how did you manage to resolve theissuegetting the custom nameservers
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These are our instructions on the matter:

And these are Go Daddy’s instruction on the matter:

Where exactly are you getting stuck?


it usually sends me an error message that nameservers cant configure from my dcc @godaddy thus i wanted to know how @Thuthukani resolved it since he had the same issue p.s i know this is not go daddy help desk but i was told to ask questions here then they can assist me on the other side

I see you are using domain control name servers… try epizy nameservers?


Good Luck with that, I’m here trying to figure out a new way to get this through … I will give feedback if it works. Taking a domain from GoDaddy it’s a do or die.

Please give feedback on your recent events regarding this.

@Thuthukani still contemplating on moving the domain name.

which provider are you using now

Lol, I just came back to Goddady just few hours ago hoping I would find a new way to figure it out, but here am I stuck. I was coming to check the recent goddady thread when I found yours. Please drop me your digits

All you have to do to use InfinityFree is to change your nameservers to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com. Admin posted the instructions above for GoDaddy.

With goddady it doesn’t work

Can you show the error you get? We cannot help you if we don’t know more. If you don’t get an error, just send a screenshot if the nameserver settings for the domain.


Most likely due to this…


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