DNS Lookup issues causing problem with emails


A test with DNS Lookup demonstrates some inconsistencies in the DNS management for epizy. This is causing problems with emails containing links to our test site. For example, any email sent to an address @orange.fr and containing a link to a page in our site is systematically rejected as spam. The very same email sent to the same address but containing another link to another web site, gets through. This doesn’t occur with all domains but with a few ones like orange.fr or wanadoo.fr which obviously don’t like the way the DNS server at InfinityFree is setup.

Any advice ?

Thanks in advance.

Any DKIM records?


Thanks but I’m currently testing the free plan. I don’t have much access to the DNS configuration.

Here is the inconsistency detected by DSN Lookup

I can’t show the whole report because I’m not allowed to post more than 2 links in a message.

Another report available here :


How do you know that this is caused by a DNS configuration issue?

The DNS setup could, should and now has been improved, but I would be really surprised if this makes a difference.

By elimination. If I install the very same site (all files absolutely identical) to another host, there’s no problem when sending to Orange addresses emails containing links to the site. The site is very simple : only HTML, jpg, png, css and js files implementing galleries that can be accessed invidually in their own folder by using a link to the index.html file present in each subfolder.

I doubt that the spam filters of Orange are scanning each file in these folders. So what else could they look at ? The default .htaccess or index.html files at the root ? They don’t have anything special. I don’t see any other possible reason than a DNS problem.

Just try to send a simple message containing the link below to this address : [email protected] (never mind it’s just a test address) :


You should immediately receive a 550/506 code from Orange.

My guess is that our domain epizy.com is just put on a blocklist and Orange dislikes any emails which refer to that domain name. The domain epizy.com hosts a large number of websites, and in spite of our efforts to keep things clean, there may be a few bad sites among them.

Other domains, whether from us or from other hosts, may not be listed, and therefore may not have this issue.

This, unfortunately, is a risk of using a free subdomain.

Do you actually get a bounce mail with an error message? If so, what does it say?

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Message blocked

Your message to [xxxx @ orange_dot.fr](mailto:xxxx @ orange_dot_fr) has been blocked. See technical details below for more information.

The response from the remote server was:

550 5.2.0 XVrHmnkyoA6XI Mail rejete. Mail rejected. OFR_506 [506]

If this were the case, I guess you should be aware of this. I have looked for bad reputation information about epizy. None is to be found. The only problem report that I have found is the DNS issue mentioned above. And indeed, none of the domains that we are using has the same DNS related anomaly. If you think that the anomaly reported by intodns.com is wrong, I’d like to know why.

Thanks anyway for your answers.


There are plenty of bad sites hosted on subdomains of epizy.com

If you want this to work well, buy a custom domain. They are only ~$10 /year


Orange could have put epizy.com on an internal blocklist. We wouldn’t know about that and you wouldn’t be able to find anything about that. Many companies build their own blocklists which they do not share publicly.

I didn’t say IntoDNS was wrong. I only said I don’t think it’s responsible for your spam troubles.

Which you can verify right now, because I updated the configuration and you can see that IntoDNS is all green now for epizy.com: intoDNS: epizy.com - check DNS server and mail server health

If you are still having the spam problems, it proves that DNS isn’t the issue.

This. No need to worry about the reputation issues of free domains with buying one.


Thanks for doing this. So, my assumption was wrong : the problem is still there. If Orange has blacklisted epizy internally, we’ll have a hard time fixing the problem. Sigh !

Thanks again for your efforts.


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