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my emails are hosted on Microsoft 365. As soon as I change the NameServer for my domain shhalaj.com my emails will stop working.
how do I avoid this expected problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ll have to set up the necessary MX and SPF records for Microsoft 365 on our Control Panel under their respective sections. Microsoft should be able to help you out in this case.


Can I do so before I change the nameserver?
if yes how?

Just go to the “MX Records” section of our hosting’s Control Panel, remove all MX records and add an MX record for your domain with priority 0 and value shhalaj-com.mail.protection.outlook.com, then click on InfinityFree’s logo to return back to the home page of the Control Panel, go to the “SPF Records” section of the Control Panel and there the value to insert for your domain is v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all. You can also add back the Google verification records there (you added them from GoDaddy’s DNS management, so there you’ll fetch the records), since “SPF Records” is just a limited TXT records section for TXT records for the domain only without www or anything else.

Oh, and also you’ll have to change the nameservers first and add the domain on your hosting account (or create a new hosting account with that domain) before unlocking those functions.

If you want to keep GoDaddy’s nameservers change them momentarily to ours, then add your domain on your hosting account and then change back to GoDaddy’s nameservers and point the A records so that point to the website IP shown on the Client Area.


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