DNS Cname on subdomain

I’m trying to connect my uptime to something like status.mydomain.com
but its not working i’m pointing it to reports.hetrixtools.com

can anyone help

Hi and welcome to the forum! You should wait a while until the DNS record gets propagated on your side as well, then the status page will work as intended. If you want more help, you should consider sharing your website URL so we can check.

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this is it : https://status.pixelatedbot.rf.gd

i think it bacuse it put a dot at the end of it

Your url seems to be working for me.


not working for me

Please elaborate?

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Like JxstErg1said you may have to wait for DNS to propagate to your ISP.

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Did you clear your browser cache and cookies? Maybe try to view using a vpn? I think once the dns propagates you’ll see it. This can take many hours sometimes. Try reloading later to see.


working now thanks for all the help

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No problem. Glad to hear you got it working.

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