DNS and MX records


I am not receiving emails sent to me at: [email protected]
The domain: terrybraverman.co.uk is held at: 123.reg

HELP at 123.reg say this:
The nameservers for this domain are not with us so I can not correct this from my side. To add our records, you would have to go to your provider’s website and add the following MX records:
mx0.123-reg.co.uk (priority 10)
mx1.123-reg.co.uk (priority 20)

Please is someone able to check that I have done this correctly as the non-receipt of emails remains.

You have to do this

Add your mx record


Thanks very much.
I now have:

Domain|MX Record

terrybraverman.co.uk mx0.123-reg.co.uk.10
terrybraverman.co.uk mx1.123-reg.co.uk.20

I cannot delete the first entry.
Does look okay to you?

That shd do for now.
Let me know if it works…


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