[DISCUSSION] Posibble unsafety with Let's Encrypt SSL.

Hello. I want to keep this post short. Let’s Encrypt “safe” SSL certificate is not safe anymore. I wanted to notify @Admin and everyone else. Recently i installed Let’s Encrypt SSL on my Grendel Premium hosting account and on my domain. I cannot say that it’s not safe yet, because maybe it was my fault, because i didn’t issue a new certificate on my subdomains, but i discovered that if i went on one of my subdomains in HTTPS:// mode it would display a page on my own subdomain, that i have never installed on my site. It was advertisement in German. I’m not sure if this was my fault that i didn’t issue a new certificate for my subdomain, but still… this discovery was interesting, that if i went on https mode on my website’s subdomain it displayed advertisement content on my website. Anyways i found another article about security risks with Let’s Encrypt SSL. http://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/lets-encrypt-now-being-abused-by-malvertisers/