Directory became "undeletable"

One directory in my htdocs directory has become uneditable and undeletable. I believe I CHMODed this directory incorrectly somehow.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

So… what is your question exactly? What can we do for you?


I think he wants to delete it. And what is the CHMOD permissions now?

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Hi, yes I just want to delete a directory called “zp-data” in my HTDOCS directory. I am unable to access or even rename this directory, it just keeps saying “permission denied.” It says the current CHMOD is 060, I can’t change that either, but that is where the issues seems to have started, when I tried to CHMOD the directory and made a typo.

It means that owner has no permissions. Only group can read or write. Others have no permissions as well.

Sadly, there is no security measure yet that can prevent you from locking you out of your own files. Because if that happens, you can’t delete the file anymore. And I can’t delete these files for you either.


What about system user?

lol thank you for your assistance. I suppose I should be a bit more careful in the future, then.

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