Did InfinityFree delete my database?


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Where did my database “epiz_27777588_w749” go? Can InfiniryFree delete databases without information the user?

Other Information

I don’t have backup… Please I really need this

It was hosting on the sql102.byetcluster.com server.

To anwser the first question, I don’t know. Maybe it got hidden? To check, create a new database with the same name.

To anwser the second, no, not unless your entire account is suspended and deleted.


Learn to backup. Anything can happen


What’s the last time you knew the database was still present? A few months ago we had an issue where some databases went missing on that server. If that’s the issue, it can probably be recovered, but if your database went missing recently, the issue is something else.

Can we? Of course! They’re our servers, we could make whatever change we want.

Do we? Of course not! It’s your account and your website, and we won’t make changes to your stuff just like that.


Hi, it wen’t missing a few months ago, but I saw on your forums, that you are repairing it. A lot of people write reports here and you have ensured that the error will be corrected. Yesterday I wrote to support.ifastnet.com to get help, but all I get was this anwser below:

The made a blank database with this name, without any content… Please help

If the database was added in and it is empty, unfortunately something must have been corrupted, or deleted.

We also don’t keep logs, so we won’t be able to tell you if it was a corruption, if you accidentally deleted it, if softaculious deleted it, or if something else happened.

Hopefully you will take this as a lesson to take regular backups to prevent this from happening in the future (Even if you move to a different host, corruptions and other things happen, so always have a backup)


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