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I have come to very much like Infinityfree and its services in fact I don’t really do much else than program sites for my if domains. I find it safe, reliable, informative and upfront about subjects I can just barely grasp. IF always has an answer to a problem I just discovered somewhere.


Page Direction?

Using the three free domains available here on infinityfree, I want to use the first; as a semi-public alpha testing platform to work out features for a private communications server; “”, which will take communications traffic from “” and “” and randomly encrypt and randomly route the communications data between user browsers using Communications Services like [IRC, VOIP and SIP (text,voice,video)]. Taking out any middle men that may be lurking there. Where I live this is an ultra important marketing tool!

I want to integrate a “softphone payphone” like app into the home page that allows users to make phone calls to phone numbers OR usernames of users using one of the front end pages. not unlike IRC WebChat servers. although this is a great challenge, I think it would make a great product in combination with mass marketing.

The front end page LinkHub, does nothing more than share other embedded web pages and their content, hopefully, allowing the embedded site to profit from their own traffic + the traffic generated from linkhub, with an optional data encryption service placed between the user browsers and the embedded urls domains.

Link hub will function like an OS Store app but is just a small website frontend, and can rely on competitive mass marketing platforms and communications to generate an overhead.

I have been playing around with website making for about a year now and I think I have come up with a publically marketable direction, though it may be biting off more than I can chew, with my limited programing ability with some guidance and support it can be done. which brings me to some questions.

Is infinityfree able to operate and communications encryption server in the context that the domain name exists in, and is there any already existing product or service available on infinity free that can perform these functions? if else, perhaps The Great Admin knows of things that may assist in the endeavor?
And if any of you great people have the time to scoot around any play with the model is there any advice you(s) could give in regard?
p.s. I have not asked any of these sites if I can embed them into my page, however I intend to once communications is up and running, as a marketing platform!

The only programming languages that we support is PHP and JavaScript. There are quite a few limitations on the servers, as InfinityFree is only meant for hosting websites, not anything else.

Not quite sure what you mean by this. The server would have to be involved in almost every way that I can think of, and the requests would probably be blocked as they would be coming from non-browsers. It may be possible by using custom domains and an external DNS provider, but even that may not be possible. Can you give more information on how to plan to actually code this?

Unless you can find a way to do this client-side (Which probably would not be secure), it probably would not be possible. Constantly making requests through the server to send data would get you suspended quite quickly, as it would require a ton of server power.

Also in general, I’m not sure that PHP and JS would be the languages that you would want to use for this. But perhaps I am wrong, I’ve never done anything of the sort.


In an official capacity I’m sure the domain provider would welcome the user traffic, place a bannor make some overhead. I have been doing some research and there are a few kicking around the open-source community attempting to wright similar programs, but none are as simple and straight forward to meet my need.

basically I want to take voice data from browser 1 and transmit that data to browser 2 and reciprocate to intact a VoIP like conversation. However I want simplicity, no accounts or loggins and like IRC Webchat, based on the room the users are in. So if users want to voice chat privately they would make a new room " /join #ourchatroom "

I was looking at a game chat service called Ventrilo which is able to preform these functions however the custom clients are written for a server running Linux.

I don’t see what un-self-explanatory about needing to encrypt communications data, I live in a geocidal reich of computer hijackers that need to NOT hear people talking but, alas, do nothing but middle man people’s conversations.

Forming the bad in to something good, i can take the circumstance and turn it into a marketable product. as far is enacting the security policies, link hub shares links, and has not content of its own, due to it being a hub of links to other websites i can place services like (croxyproxy) in-between by adding its prefix to the target domain url. its simple, i recommend trying it. I will call IF if I ever get a chance to do so about it, until then i need a way to implement browser microphone audio sharing, which is likely easier than i understand and i am just searching for the wrong tags.

And just as I suspected, it runs server side, does not use PHP, and requires a ton of stuff that is not allowed on free hosting.

Again, this is going to require the server to monitor this connection the entire time it is open. That’s going to get you suspended real quick, if you can even manage to make it work in the first place.

I really to doubt that you are going to be able to get this working here, or with any webhosting provider for that matter. You probably need you own server (Or at least a VPS, maybe that would work), that you have full control over.


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