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Dear Forum Administrators,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to express my appreciation for your ongoing dedication to forum administration, which has been a valuable source of learning and interaction for me over the years.

Unfortunately, I’m reaching out regarding a delicate situation. I recently had an accident that resulted in injuries, preventing me from accessing my account on the free server and, consequently, from maintaining my active participation in the online environment I greatly value. However, this has brought about a greater concern: the potential loss of access to the files of my website stored on the company’s server.

In this context, I would like to request your assistance in facilitating the recovery of these precious files. I fully understand that, due to the server’s hosting and security policies, it might be necessary to take certain measures to ensure the integrity of the process. If necessary, I am more than willing to pay for a HOSTING PLAN that would enable the recovery of my files. My priority is to retrieve the content I have built up over time.

I kindly ask you to guide me through the steps to address this situation. Whether it’s by sharing details about the required procedures or providing information about available payment options, I am completely willing to cooperate to reach a satisfactory solution.

I appreciate your understanding and assistance in this matter. My intention is to resolve this issue in the best possible way, in compliance with the forum’s regulations and the hosting company’s policy.

I am available to provide any additional information that may be helpful in expediting this process. I look forward to your response and guidance.

As said, I will pay for the help to recover my files please. Please I need a Solution.

In attachement I send two prints with more additional information.

Best regards,

Saulo - Website´s o


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If an account is deleted, it is erased from our servers completely. This account cannot be recovered or restored in any way.

In short, we’re very sorry but there’s no going back. The files are already gone, and if you don’t have a backup, there’ s no backup, even if you pay us $1 Billion.


It’s been 8 months. Probably overwritten over a thousand times.

Better using Google Drive next time.


Google Drive also introduced an inactivity policy recently, so it might not be the best option (and since the files talked about are likely web hosting files, I don’t see how Google Drive could be a viable alternative).

Local backups are always the best in such cases.


Yep, ıt’s 2 years. but if you have a paid plan ( 0.22 cent monthly) theres no limit.


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