Delete My Account!

I cannot access my website Nameservers is properly. Please delete my account I’m create again, I think going that way for my mistake.

I’ve had the same issue as you! Have your tried pointing your domain to a new/different nameservers that is valid? If yes I recommend waiting maximum of 72 hours. A pain I know! :frowning: but hopefully @Admin will reply to this and help you out!

The nameservers are fine, but the IP address your website on is down. You can wait for the issue to be resolved, or you can assign the domain to a different account.

To add the domain to a different account, go into the control panel of this account and remove the domain name using the Addon Domains section. Then, create a new account with the domain or add it as an Addon Domain to an existing account.

You can’t fully delete an account due to legal reasons but as long as the account is active, you have no reason to do so either.