Delete domain and sub-domain but lost access to account

If it is possible to delete domain and sub-domain in side the account that lost to access, Because I have enable 2FA authentication for my account but I lost my 2FA device and recovery codes. Now I cannot access my old account, but I had to create a new account just to post on forum. So that’s not an important issue, But the important thing is I can’t add my domain to new account (My own domain, Not InfinityFree free hostname) because it’s has been added in my old account that I cannot access. So what can I do?

Sorry, but if you didn’t properly store your recovery codes, there’s not way you can access your account.


VPanel access do not require 2FA.
If you still remember the password and username, you should still be able to login to delete the domain. Only client area may require the use of 2FA

I believe you had only lost access to the client area


Thank you very much, I forget that VPanel do not require 2FA and good luck that I save that password.
Now I access to VPanel and delete domain and can re-add to new account. :grin: :grin:


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