Delete a folder associated with URL

Website URL

I’ve created a host → inside another domain-> but I wasn’t able to setup the SSL for this supposed subdomain.

Thus, I decided to setup up a new account. Everything went ok, even the SSL, but I’m not reaching the website because it is associated with a folder inside the other account of

I don’t have permissions to delete this old folder. What can I do to delete it and corrctly redirect the to the new correct account?

Thanks, I was enjoying the experience!

Try right clicking on the htdocs, and changing the CHMOD.
Another tip is to use another FTP, like FileZilla, or another online FTP, such as

Enter the login details from your infinityfree dashboard, and click the checkbox next to the folder you want to delete

This just sounds like a case of DNS cache. When you moved the domain from one account to another, it likely got assigned to a different IP address too. All the settings are updated automatically, so you don’t need to do anything, but it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be visible everywhere.

This article explains it in more detail:


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