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I signed up for a new account. I did not move a new domain over, I chose a sub-domain. I’m trying to test out the service. in /htdocs, I have 3 files - the provided example index2.html, a new index.html with just “hello world” code in it, and an index.php file with the following:

<?php ini_set('display_errors', 1); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); phpinfo(); ?>

Navigating to any of those files in the address bar (I can’t put the address because the post won’t send if I have links - but it’s the domain above alone, or with /index.php or /index.html added) loads a blank page with no title. No matter what I put in the address bar, I get redirected to I know that /?z is security feature, but I should be able to still see html/php pages, right?

I also tried putting a copy of those files in a different directory. same result, except I get redirected to the new dir root. But I still can’t see anything - even errors.

I discovered that phpmyadmin does not work right away - there is a delay after you set up. Maybe it’s the same for this? is there anything I can do?

Not sure if you had noticed just yet, but it seems like the /index.html and /index.php when typed directly into the address bar are working fine. /index2.html is still throwing the 404 though.

Since the other two are working, I have the ask the dumb question: did you refresh your FTP client and ensure that /index2.html was still present in htdocs?

It does look l like there is just a delay (or perhaps they saw this and fixed something). I walked away for a while and just refreshed my browser (no changes on my end) and now it appears to be working.


Gotta love the easy fixes, eh?


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