Debugging wordpress & manual upgrade

I am having a lot of trouble with my free infinity free hosted website. I kept getting a wordpress debugging notice
I have tried to deactivate and reactivate plugins and themes.
Now I am walking through the manual process of upgrading Wordpress and I’m at the point where I need to use File Zilla to upload latest version.
I cannot get file zilla to connect.
I have tried changing passwords and every host, username and password I have and not connecting.

  1. Am i even on the right track?
  2. if so, any idea why I can’t connect filezilla??

I am half way through this process of deleting certain files and now my website is saying
Really appreciate support!

Can you please tell us what error do you get while connecting to FTP?

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I am thinking the HTTP Error 500 is occurring because I’m halfway through the process of updating Wordpress.

the attachment shows the FileZilla message I am getting.

change Host to or


This didn’t work.
I my user name okay or should it be my email I login with?
Regarding my password, the password I use for login is not the same as the password that “shows” when I look in the image below.

When I try change this password in account settings it only allows letters and numbers even though my current password also has characters and works fine for logging in.

The username and the password can found in the same page as the screenshot, on “FTP Details” and clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password. You need to use those, along with, or as hosts, choosing one of them and if it doesn’t work trying with the others, to connect to the FTP server, and then go to your htdocs folder.

these hosts did not work.
Please clarify “connect to the FTP server” is this in FileZilla or in my control panel? I am confused.
I can get to htdocs folder but not sure what to do there either?
Sorry I am not more intelligent in this:(
Really appreciate your help!

This is on FileZilla, not on your Control Panel.

You need to try to update manually WordPress by uploading all WordPress files extracted on your computer to the folder on where you installed WordPress by following the order present on this guide.

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can you see any settings here that are incorrect? still getting same error

Then a firewall may be blocking access to FileZilla’s FTP connections. Try to configure your firewall to allow FTP connections from FileZilla from both private and public networks, and see if it works.

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Yes, this is how the password system works. The client area passwords are only used for the client area, so can be long and complex. The hosting account passwords are used in the control panel, FTP server, database server and your software configuration, so allowing every possible character is not practical. So the passwords are more limited for hosting accounts.

Can you please share the full connection logs of FileZilla? To make the logs more detailed in FileZilla, go to Edit → Settings → Debug and change “Debug information in message log” to “2 - Info”, and then try to connect again.

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Thank you all for your support yesterday!
I got very frustrated and ended up uninstalling filezilla. I am going to reinstall now and follow a step by step tutorial. :crossed_fingers:here’s hoping i get it right this time! If not I’ll be back with more questions!

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