Guys what happen to my web look

Hello there,

It is likely that it’s from a broken theme or plugin.

You may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article:


How to know if it’s broken theme or plugin??

Check the Knowledge Base article I provided to you above it has a section named “Identifying the broken plugin or theme”, that should answer your question.

And i made false to true then what to do

Did you continue reading the instructions?

It stated:

In these error messages, you should search for texts like wp-content/plugins/ and wp-content/themes/ . The word right after that is the folder of the plugin or theme which is generating the error, which is generally the broken plugin or theme.

Don’t forget to disable WP_DEBUG after you’ve seen the error message. The option should not be left enabled for live sites, because it might expose sensitive information.

And then the next part you need to do is “Deactivating a broken plugin” which is documented already in that KB article which you should read and follow.

Looking at the error message, the woocustomizer plugin is crashing your website. But the error message doesn’t look like something that’s caused by a bad installation, but rather by broken code. Reinstalling that plugin is definitely worth a shot, but if that doesn’t fix the issue, then maybe this is just a bug in the plugin.


It is defenitely a broken plugin since I installed woocommerce manually 2 days ago and it broke my site :frowning: .

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