Deactivated - too many hits

Hi There,

I would like to report my website, it was brought down for reason that it got more or less 400k views in a month. However, I do not think this is for real. As I have checked my google analytics it only shows about 7-10k hits.

Furthermore, I think you guys should fix the your hits counter, it shows invalid figures.


Hope you will activate my website again.

Thank so much.

AFAIK Google Analytics does not show hits. Google Analytics shows page views. However, page views are not hits.

Hits are a request from the browser to a file on the server. So if you have a page with 4 CSS files, 5 Javascript files and 20 images, a single page view generates 1 + 4 + 5 + 20 = 30 hits.

And Google Analytics doesn’t track those, so I don’t see any reason to believe the stats are incorrect.

If you already submitted a reactivation request and it was rejected, then the account will not be reactivated. Going over the hits limit once is OK, and your account will be reactivated automatically. Having a consistently high hits usage is not something we can support for free.

@Possum said:
How do you even get that many hits ?

Hi Possum,

To straightly answer your question, I have studied marketing and backlinks on the web so I know how to make a good source of audience and people your website in a legit way.

@Possum said:
Yeah, but for some reason this host dont follow that theory. :slight_smile: You would think they would enjoy all the exposure. ??

Getting lots of traffic is good, but handling traffic takes server power. And why should we have to contribute lots of server power because your website is popular? Monetize your website and upgrade!

We pay plenty of money to host our own website too, because that’s what it takes to handle the traffic.