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This hosting is basically a DDoS defense, and if I get a DDoS or DOS attack, do I have to pay?

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Welcome, your hosting account will be suspended for 24 hrs minimum, depending on situation

Everything InfinityFree offers is free.

InfinityFree is a free web hosting company - not a DDOS protector. While it does assure 99.9% uptime, it does not offer DDOS protection. If you’d like DDOS protection you’ll have to install your own protective software.


If we find that your website is the target of DDoS attacks, we will be forced to shut down your website and ask you to host it elsewhere.

DDoS attacks are really hard and expensive to fight off. We’re not willingly going to host known targets of such attacks, and just accept all the damage done to our systems and the many other websites affected by it.


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