DB info

hello, can any admin sent me these info:

please send me via email if possible or ticket because i cant find these exactly. Thank you

Some info can be quite easily found in the client area:

Also, you need to create the database in the control panel first (Before you can access it), and that can be done under the “MySQL” tab in the control panel.


in db_server what should i enter?

It depends on what the database name is. You need to create a database in the control panel first. After you create the database, enter “epiz_28335187_DATABASE-NAME-HERE” in the feild.

Screenshot 2021-07-28 012503
and when i try and upload a plugin in plugin folder wordpress it keeps getting stuck at the end. Any solution for this too please?

Note that the max file size is 10MB. Try extracting that on your machine and uploading the individual files to the server.


i never tried uploading a folder only, i will try now, thanks :slight_smile:

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