Databases deleted

Username: epiz_25552705

Both my databases were deleted yesterday, however all my files are still there and my account is still active.

Then what do you need help with?

I need my databases back as they’ve been deleted.

Sorry, I should specify: I didn’t delete them, they were just gone this morning when I logged in. Not sure why they’ve been removed.

When is the last time you know they were there? Which SQL server are you on? How long ago did you create the database?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. So, answers to your question:

  • I know for certain they were last there at yesterday (Dec 06) at 15:48 GMT
  • SQL server: sql104
  • Database was created the beginning of February 2021 and came into regular use Feb-15-2021 at 11:37 GMT.
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Thank you for these details! You may have been affected by the outage on December 3 and 4. However no data loss was reported, anything can happen.

Did you receive any emails from InfinityFree regarding suspension, deletion, etc.?

This is an interesting case.

No, the last email I received from Infinity was October 22nd, nothing since then.

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I can’t give a logical explanation as to why this happened. Best to wait for Admin’s reply.

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It looks like the database servers have gone down again. Please be patient.


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