Database Not Found


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Database Not Found

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when trying to install a PHP Script its showing ‘Database Not Found’ database already created.

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May I know what kind of PHP script is that?


It is a Institution website. I have manually done it. But need to know about the error.

one thing more… SSL is not working automatically. when trying to open https:// manually, it’s working

You will need to redirect/force and overwrite all http request into https.

If you’re using wordpress, you can also install a plugin called Really Simple SSL to force https in your website without manually putting a https on web browser.

anybody help on this please…

Are you ABSOLUTELY sure that database with that name exists in database section of cpanel?

:slight_smile: yes dear. I have also created another new database. But still showing the error. :frowning:

then please Take a screenshot of database section. And the data you’re giving to app to install database (i.e hostname etc)

this is new DB instead of “ptndb”

And still receiving the same error? also:

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What I have told you that I have created new one prodb. That screenshot was old.

^ my above post

What are requirement of other data? The problem is on Database Connection dear.

I’m not misunderstanding your issue, I just want to know what data you give to installation to setup database dear :slightly_smiling_face:


I read it. but not workingCapture

You need to use the correct database name (which is composed by the hosting account username followed by an underscore and the actual database name), the database hostname, and the hosting account username and password which can be found on the same page of the Client Area on where you opened the Control Panel, then scrolling down to “Account Details” and clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password, to connect to the database.


We are not posting unnecessarily, can you please post an image of your config.php or whatever file, so we can check that you haven’t done something wrong. We cannot share a solve unless you give us more information

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config.php (18.9 KB)

Ok, And what Information do you enter when you go into the Setup proccess, Database name & Host, Don’t need the USER or anything, Just host.

Because you need to use the SQL password in the Client Area, On the right, NOT the one you set as your account password


Dear, you cannot proceed without user name and password. I am using the mysql username and password. How can it contact without mysql username and password. and those are mandatory field.