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Good to all.
Sorry for the English, I have to use a translator.
Help me to understand .
And so the SR panel we create a database.
After we go to the installer and install SMS WORDPRESS / JOOMLA / DRUPAL, it doesn’t matter.
When installing, we specify the database that we created in the CP panel. But we get the message that the database ==
The database already exists. Please choose a different name.
We agree well with the one that the installer offers us. But this database is not displayed in the CP panel.
So how to be? When installing CMS, do not connect the database that was created in the CP panel. And the one that is created when installing CMS is not displayed in the CP panel.


When installing a new script, choose a database name that is not already in use (Try something like jboisninfsbfs). After the installation is complete, it may take up to five minutes before the database is visible in PHPMyAdmin.

If you want more specific help, please provide your epiz_xxx username and your URL.



Softaculous is given certain server privileges
and it can automatically create DB and other necessary actions which had not previously existed.


Softaculous automatically creates a database for the software to be installed. So if you want to install a new script to a new database, all you need to do is go through the installation steps in Softaculous, everything else is done automatically!


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