Database going offline

I’m losing the access to database frequently through either, php and phpMyAdmin. Is this an issue or do i have some kind of quota to access db?

Is there any error shown upon failure? That would be helpful.

And by frequently, does it mean one time you can get into your database, and sometimes couldn’t?

The answer accessing through phpmyadmin is empty response. Through php i’m not logging the error but it stop getting/setting anything.

By frequently i mean,it work most of the time but sometimes(not a regular interval) it stop to working, then i stop using it and back after about an hour and it works again.

I can look into it, but I would need to know for sure it’s the database, not website code, which is giving problems. Would it be possible for you to get the actual error message generated by the database or the database connection?

I’ll log it right know, but it also stop working on phpMyadmin i think it’s not the code.