Database for sorting / filtering data and viewing associated images.

I would like to create a database and relatively simple interface for managing a music collection. I would like to be able to sort or filter by composer, artist or title, and hold varying numbers of associated images for each record.
Does anyone know of a an application that can
a) quickly help to categorise ~1,000 images
b) display in a simple web page

I don’t think there’s an app that can help you do the job. But there are ways to do so. One of them is through connecting each data by using primary-foreign key association.
Then since you only ask for simple display, the only thing you should do is to iterate through your tables data.

And before you proceed, I hope these music collection of yours were stored outside the server, and being hosted by authorised company (such as spotify, soundcloud, etc.), otherwise I’m highly discourage you to do it within InfinityFree environment.

Thanks for the feedback. The database is for artwork and metadata only, not the actual music.