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Hello, it’sLuxuryDevTeam and i wanted to ask, why cannot we add New SQLs in our Database Accounts?
There is no DATABASE Add New SQLs [ Look Screenshots]


You need to be more clear. I can’t understand what you mean/want. You can create databases from the control panel. The screenshot you provide is of PHPMyAdmin, where you can create tables and columns for your database.


Yes, i cannot create Tables on MyPhpAdmin, why is the sidebar not showing / sidemenu?

We use a custom PHPMyAdmin script. So don’t expect it to be the same as your localhost or other

What error do you see?


I do not see this Sidebar i mean, how am i supposed to create a new Table?


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Are you sure, Bhai?

this dosent seems like creating tables like this :

As I told you, we use a custom version of PHPMyAdmin, so layouts will differ.


Then how we can add such tables?

If you want to create a new database, you must do so through the control panel. Our phpMyAdmin installation has been modified so you can only use it to manage a single database. As a consequence, the sidebar had to be removed.

If you want to create a new table, then go to the Structure tab, and at the bottom, enter the name of the table and the number of columns in the table and click Go. On the next page, you’ll be able to configure the columns and such.

Also, please upload the images to the forum directly. It’s really inconvenient to have to go to a third party site to check screenshots.


A few more ways to create a table


Ah ok thank you very much Owner,
And the Image Upload is not possible, i tried it and it said, there might be an Error ( Internal error 502).
Image cannot Upload

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