Database Backup Export INCOMPLETE

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I am trying to migrate my website to another hosting and been getting issues like Error Database connection.

After working with their support, they let me know that the database backup I’ve downloaded from this server is incomplete.

Just to add: I’ve been going to phpMyAdmin, connect to db, export it.

How is it possible that the export is incomplete?

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You might try this for backing up, open Softaculous, look in the upper right hand corner at the icons


Click on the icon that looks like a small box, 4th from the left, that opens a screen that shows your installation(s), then under Options the folder with the green arrow is for backing up an installation.


This may not be an answer for but I’m sure others will be along with their idea’s, good luck :grinning:


This is for backing up Softaculous installations, not the database.

Your doing it correctly, so it’s most likely a temporary problem. Check back later and tell us if the problem still persists.

What do they mean with “incomplete”? What’s missing from the backup?

@Technical.Legendz the problem is still the same, still persistent.

@Admin they didn’t tell me which files are missing, just that the export is incomplete and it obviously is cause it gives Database error.

I have tried to extract databases via plugins, but succeeded only with WPvivid Backup Plugin. The file is 4mb large, as opposed to file of 2mb extracted via phpAdmin.

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