Data Base upoading error

Username (epiz_32033049) or Website URL

Hello everyone It is nice come to infinity I have transfer my all website to infinity all running up well but only one website database import making a big issue, it’s database not import to new database show comment table already exist and forieng key checks on error messages. Here is the data base: salvagem_textile.sql.gz - Google Drive

If any one with good mysql database skill can solve this import issue it will save my work or without database I have create website again.

Many Thanks

Just delete the table that is causing this issue and proceed with import


I have tried this when i delete this another table wp—postmeta show forieng key check ON error when I delete both website not work.

We have detected the cause of problem the table size is 28 MB and we think infinityfree dosn’t allow file upload bigger than 10 MB ! We have check the table on another server it was uploading ok. Is there anyway to upload this 28MB database table on infinity?

Maybe this?


I have managed to solve this problem by upload the problematic table and then edit post and picture by myself. Thanks for your support.


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