Daily Hit Limit for SEO Crawlers?

I just created an account and took a look through the CPanel. Noticing the Daily Hit Limits, I was wondering if InfinityFree has considered not counting crawlers from search engines as hits. I personally feel it would be a great implementation if not already implemented, considering crawlers generally look at markup instead of downloading and viewing media rich content.

If InfinityFree has already thought of and implemented this, Awesome! If not I propose for InfinityFree to consider the pros and cons of implementing this. For anyone interested in SEO, ensuring that search engine crawlers wont impact hit limits will certainly give some peace of mind. With that being said, 50,000 hits seems to be very generous for a free unlimited hosting service. I’m exciting to see what InfinityFree has to offer!

I’m not completely sure if search spiders count towards the hits limit (I think they do), but I’ve never heard from anyone that they hit the limit because of crawlers.