Daily entry process limit exceeded

I got a mail with the message that my website has reached the daily process limit and that it will be back on air in 23 hours. The timer is not updating and every certain amount of minutes I receive a mail that my account has activated back. After a few minutes it is deactivated back. Then I’ll receive a mail that my account is activated. I have no mails that my account has been deactivated (only the first). The 24 hours counter in my dashboard is not updating. Please help me out. This problem is caused by a WordPress plugin called WP Statistics. It is not malicious of something but constantly requesting things. I’ve disabled the plugin.

Please help me out.

Kind regards
Stephan Tollenaar

EDIT: the mails that the account has been activated back are send every ten minutes. My mailbox is spammed by this mails…

This means that my account will never get activated back again for more than a few minutes… the timer is resetted back every couple of minutes

If you hit the limit, the account should stay suspended for roughly 24 hours, not be reactivated automatically after a few minutes and then be suspended again a few minutes after that.

I’ve sent a bug report upstream to see what’s going on here.