Daily CPU always over the limit

**My website URL is:meli-melo.epizy.com

**What I’m seeing is: I always reach the daily CPU limit

**Additional information: WordPress + WooCommerce

After a first suspended account yesterday, I recovered my website this evening. But after what I considered like few modifications, I reached the CPU limit again.
What is the issue? What can I do to use my site correctly ?

Thank you

Are you reaching the cap for the data entry process limit? How many hits are you receiving and are people interacting with your website? You may be able to make some site modifications; to decrease the amount of processing power you are using. Wordpress and WooCommerce use a lot. I strongly suggest upgrading to premium hosting.

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Nobody visit m’y site yet. It is under construction. So, only my visits to see the modifications.
Thé Last two days, i reachedbthe cpu limits. And this evening, the cpu limit and entry process limits.
I am only using wordpress and woocommerce plugin, so I cannot do à lot of modification by myself I think…
I cannot up grade my account before doing what I hope on it.

That is a rather odd occurrence. It might possibly be from the recent attacks on our servers. My website was down for a while too and it is custom in Notepad. Very lightweight and uses little processing power. My site went into suspended mode and I was locked out for 24 hours. I had little traffic at the time. It must be from these attacks:

WooCommerce is a big plugin with a lot of heavy code. If you’re currently working to setup your website, like importing lots of products, categories, testing features, designs, layouts, etc. all of that can cause quite a bit of server power to do. So it’s very well possible to use up all your CPU power while you’re still building the website. As you should know from the article we wrote about the CPU limits, lots of visitors is not a prerequisite for hitting the CPU limits.

As for the question “what can I do”, that’s answered in the article as well. It’s not very specific, but there generally isn’t a simple answer to the question “why does my website use so many X”.

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