Custom Domain - Security System

So, I know that Infinityfree has a security system that prevents them from legal and spam trouble. Now I read on this forum that you can add your custom domain AND use Cloudflare to bypass this security system, allowing you to bypass the ENTIRE security system Infinityfree has in place (allowing opengraph meta tags & removing ?!i=1). Can someone attach guides or a walkthrough on how I can accomplish this?

Thank You.


Please note that using Cloudflare does NOT make you exempt from the terms of service. Spam and illegal activities are still prohibited and we’ll still take down your website if we find that you’re doing it.

There is however one security measure to prevent bots from accessing your website, which is both for our benefit and your own, which you can “bypass” (but actually “replace”) with Cloudflare’s security instead.

However, that bot protection is entirely separate from our anti spam and illegal content detection.


Thank you!

Completely understandable, thanks

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