Custom Domain Deletion Problem (Solved)

I have the following problem: When I delete a custom domain from Domains → Addon Domains it doesn’t remove the domain from Domains and Subdomains in the account menu and I’m unable to add the custom domain to another account. My account: epiz_28197146 (

EDIT - Problem solved: I created another hosting account and added the custom domain to the created account, it works and now it’s completely removed from the old hosting account.

Maybe try the following? It might work:
Don’t just delete it from addon domain, also delete the website’s account. (If you want to keep the files, make a backup of those first). After the account is deleted, you should than be able to add the domain to a new website on InfinityFree.
Let me know if this works!

Doesn’t work, I tried in the past. I think only an admin can do it.