curl_reset() giving error

curl_reset() seems to be giving error in website.

i am using 5.6 php version.

i know curl is enabled i did some simple tests to see if it works.

i am using oxwall but it shows a error when i go to install plug ins.

any ideas why its not working?

ok if i change it to 7.0 it shows 7.0

but if i put it on 5.6 it shows 5.4 but the php_info shows 5.6.

cpanel states: 5.6 but on my website its showing this:
Current PHP version: 5.4.41

how can we fix that?

pretty much if its lower then 5.7 in cpanel it shows 5.4 if its 5.7 it shows 7.0 version. is the domain.

username: fceu_17908563

anyway to change my main domain that i signed up with to

it shows main url: as a subdomain.

The website info tool and the PHP Info in the control panel don’t reflect your actual account settings. The best way to check your actual PHP settings is to create a new file PHP file in your account (just a text file called info.php for example) with the following contents:

<?php phpinfo();

Then, go to this file in your browser and you will see the PHP settings.

As for this specific problem: you say you see an error. Can you please post the exact error message? I have no idea what’s actually going on without it.

i would get a error stating that curl_reset() function is undefined.

but if i have cpanel set to 5.6 it would show that error. if i set the php version to 5.7 on cpanel. it would not show the error.

it seems like something is going on with the cpanel settings.

i removed the script since it was causing errors to much.

also is cron jobs allowed?

hm now my site is showing 502 gateway left and right. is the server having issues?

it seems like recently the site been having issues. its just been issues after issues and now i can’t get this one fixed

curl_reset() requires at least PHP version 5.5 to work. Please double check that your account is actually using that version.

i am using 5.7 right now.

i had the php set to 5.6 before i changed it on the cpanel and it never did change it to php 5.6 it would show php 5.4.

its cause cpanel isn’t setting it up to be 5.6