cURL error 60: Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized

cURL error 60: Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized.

I have this problem when i want to install pulgin in my WordPress
Plaes help me

Can you please tell us what plugin you are trying to install?

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Also take a look at this article for information:

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If it is a plugin from wordpress directory, try to download the zip file from WordPress Plugins |, extract it to wp-content>plugins and activate it from your wordpress dashboard. Hope that this helps :slight_smile:

According to this forum , I think the error is caused by having no intermeddiate or root CA SSL certificate on the server.

Unfortunately, InfinityFree still not supports intermeddiate or root CA certificates.

I can not fing plugin from any where
Only from my theme i can get pulgin

This “Required Plugins Installer” seems to try to download the plugins from your own website to install it like it’s a remote plugin. That isn’t going to work here, I’m afraid.

What you can do is open the URL you see in the first screenshot, download the file to your computer, extract it, and upload the contents to the wp-content/plugins/ folder of your website. Then, you can enable the plugin through the Plugins interface in WordPress.

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I can not find the plugin zip to install
Only by theme

After reading the official documents for the theme you are trying to install, I see that allow_url_fopen needs to be enabled. This can be a security risk, because of which, it is disabled. Because Jannah is probably a premium theme, you might not find the plugin you are trying to install as zip. This means you will not be able to use the theme with Infinityfree.

In the first screenshot, it says “Downloading installation package from”, and then a URL on your website pointing to a ZIP file. Can’t you just access that URL directly and download the file?


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