Css not linking


Hi, I can’t link my CSS what am I doing wrong - Probably something quite Stupid.

I didn’t see any error with loading the css but I noticed that the javascript is giving a 404 error

Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://richardswalks.rf.gd/script.js”

Also the img directory seems to be missing along with the images


Hi, Very strange it works on my phone but not my desktop???

Ok it’s working with chrome but my normal browser which is a branch of Chrome -AVG Browser is still not working. I read somewhere about clearing Caches? how do I do that?

Like this, I think:

As for how to do it with AVG Browser, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the same, maybe it’s not, and maybe they have information about it.


Ok - I just had to clear the cache and its working.

The only other thing is and maybe this is for another thread. I get a warning message about unsafe site on some browsers.

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Many browsers have integration with services to check whether the site you are visiting is a known harmful site. Chrome and Firefox integrate with Google Safe Browsing, Edge uses Microsoft’s own SmartScreen database.

If you website is incorrectly listed in one of these databases, please report it as a false positive yourself and request an appeal.


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