CSS & Javascript not working?

I originally signed up to this service under the impression that I could freely create my website(s) the way I wanted to without having to use the site builder. But now I can’t link CSS stylesheets and am forced to either put it inline or basically include my stylesheet on every page. But not only that, no javascript seems to work when I load the page. Why am I unable to use CSS or Javascript unless it’s through the site builder? How can I change that? I’ve never encountered this problem on any other hosting platform, and am quickly becoming more and more tempted to change to a different hosting service as more problems keep cropping up with my website building.

Why not just ignore the site builder? You can use FTP or a file manager and upload your own HTML or PHP code where you’re completely unrestricted in using the full capabilities of both languages.

The site builder is great if you want to build a site without coding. If you do want to code, it’s better to ignore the site builder because it’s definitely not designed for it.