CSS image does not showing anything but html does

Website URL – http://styliva.epizy.com/

Error Message

[HTTP/2 404 Not Found 662ms]

but the image is there http://styliva.epizy.com/images/

Other Information

the images of the css file does not showing any images at all but the style is showing ok.
here is the way I coded css file

but the html images are showing perfectly fine

please help, I tried as best as i could


The URL http://styliva.epizy.com/images/button.png is working for me. The “Shop Now” link on the home page also has the image as background.

Could you please try to clear your browser cache (or use Private Browsing mode) and check again?


In addition to the above, you have more problems
where in your CSS calls 30+ images at this address styliva.epizy.com/img/

but that folder does not exist

the same problem is also visible here /img/

Please upload the missing resources

and there is no need to use an absolute path


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