CSR not generated on clicking "Generate Key / CSR"

Hello everyone! I’m having trouble generating Certificate Signing Request(CSR), when I click on “Generate Key / CSR” only the private key field gets generated not the CSR and as a result I cant get free SSL from Comodo which asks for encrypted CSR. An help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.(This is my first time posting in infinityfree forum so kindly forgive me If I made any mistake in posting)

I’d like to check and see if there’s anything broken on your account. Can you tell me the account username and domain name you’re trying to set up a certificate for?

Here are the requested informations,
Domain: lifexp.cf
Username: epiz_20974861

Oh I nearly forgot, I’m using cloudflare so it will show https in the address bar, but I need to setup Comodo issued certificate to get a WordPress caching plugin to work, it doesn’t work with self signed certificates.

I just tried to generate a new CSR for your website, but everything seemed to be working fine. Just make sure that all fields are filled in before submitting the form, or it may not work. If some of the fields don’t apply to you (like company name or department), just enter something like “N/A” in there.

Ok thanks a bunch! :smiley: