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Cross-Origin Read Block (CORB)

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Hello. I upload photo to the images folder from the admin panel ( and I need to fetch these images to my site, but I constantly get the error I mentioned, so the images do not appear on the site. While the images are in the folder, I’m trying to pull the images to I couldn’t solve it no matter what I did. Can you help me?

This is considered hot-linking. Will not work on free hosting


Isn’t there any way to solve this? For example, what if I save the files to the path?

If you want the images to be used on the pages of, you need to upload them to But images on will not be visible on

I get that having an admin panel on a subdomain is cool, but there is really no good way to have shared files between two domains on your account. So the site on won’t be able to share files with and vice versa. If it’s an admin panel for the same site, you may want to migrate it to instead.


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