Cron Jobs not running and dissapeared

i have set a cron jobs, i’ve tried to run and it is only took 1sec to run the program. but why my cron jobs automatically dissapeared after i set it.

Like the control panel says: cron jobs are deleted if they take too long to execute. If that’s not the case, could you please share the cron job you’ve tried to setup so I can check it?


You can setup an external cron-job for free from They give some good limits than other cron-job providers do.

Afaik that may don’t work because of security system.

But it worked for me!

It’s because cloudflare disables security system.

Then are you going to block cloudflare?

What? No.
I’m not against using cloudflare, I just said cloudflare allows site to be accessible from other sources (afaik). But it can’t protect site from being DDoSed.

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