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I have several cron jobs set up on my website and until recently they were all working perfectly fine and running as expected. Today i have noticed that they have not been running since yesterday. I have executed the php scripts manually and they have all ran fine with no errors or anything. I have tried deleting and re-adding the one that is scheduled for every five minutes but that one is still not executing. If i open the ‘Show Logs’ screen for the cron jobs it is just blank and shows me nothing.

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This is a bit too often. Try every 15 min.

Are you adding the cron job from client area or control panel? Notice that cron jobs from the control panel do get automatically deleted if they are running to long.

Also, cron jobs don’t execute right after they are created. You might wanted to wait for a while to see some log.



There may be an error in the script that runs the cron jobs. You will have to wait for Admin for more information, as he is the only one that will be able to help with this.



Hello, I have the same issue, cron job stopped working several days ago. I didn’t modify my source code at all for last several months and it worked fine, however stopped working suddenly

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i just want to ask about the cron because in 2 days its not working :smiling_face:

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I’m not aware of any issues with the cron jobs, but judging by the various reports it does seem like something could be going on. I’m going to investigate what’s going on here and get back to you.


I have investigate the issue.

It appears that cron jobs have stopped working on the 1st of August due to what appears to be a change in the hosting platform that resulted in our cron jobs getting blocked. A fix has been implemented now so the cron jobs should start executing again.


Thank you very much for investigating and fixing this issue.

I can confirm that my cron jobs have all started working again now.

Thank You


Thank you all for the assist …
my cron job resume its work again perfectly
i do believe its resolved for everyone else also

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My cron jobs start working again.thx! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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