Cron jobs is not working automatically ! help!

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Cron job is not automatically working

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my script works fine but the problem is that the cron job is not happening even though i made it to happen each 1 hour, so when i load the script from the browser address bar by myself it works but the cron not

The cron jobs do work, but the time selector is… a bit unintuitive.

What worked for me was to set the minute selector to 59 and the hour selector to 0. That way, the cron job is run 1 minute before the hour every hour. If you just fill in the hour and leave the minute counter empty it just doesn’t seem to work at all.


It is still not working! I tried for 2min cron job so i set 2min and 0 hours but still did not work :confused:

I did some testing on your account and it does indeed appear the scripts don’t get called by the cron job. I have some ideas but I’m not sure, so I’ve also asked iFastNet to look into it.


iFastNet has fixed the issue, cron jobs should be working now.


thank you, and if a cron script needs 6 sec to completer and not 5, would that make it not happen ?

I added a timer in my script and i executed the cron script so it gave me 3. sec but when i added the cron job, it disappeared after 2min

If the cron job takes too long to run, it will run once and then be deleted.


but my cron job is not long ! it takes 2 to 3 seconds to finish, you mean all the cron jobs on free subdomain will cancel after first run ? the cron job i put is not canceling but not running at all but it stays there now !

Cron jobs that take longer than 5 seconds to run are automatically deleted.

Can you share which cron job is being deleted?


the cron job being created is /cron/news_cron_1-1.php but also on another subdomain which is under the first one it is not working the same file redirects to I’m not sure, but maybe the cron job doesn’t follow redirects to different domain names?

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what do you mean ? i did not redirect it in php script and now the cron doesnt work anymore on anymore all day and it doesnt disappear also

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