Cron job command

Up above i have a website on IF and it takes too long to respond in first attempt always, i searched the forum and found its always the case with everyone but my site is way too much slow around 10 sec which is not normal.

Also i am using wp rocket :rocket: plugin

The thing is that it stucks in middle in first attempt of loading but if i try to refresh it it loads lightning fast.

Previously you guys told me to use CRON JOB but i don’t know the command ( i only have to rwfresh the loading in first attempt only after 300ms)

Plz tell me the COMMAND. :pray:

There is no command.
Just use the cron job in the VPanel

Bro their is a column where i have to enter a script to run.
I don’t know what to enter for that up thing i mentioned.

Just type index.php.

I believe wp rocket causes issues on free hosting.

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Your site is probably slow due to a think called WP cron. Setting up a cron job may help it, but deleting plugins will help more. Can you publish a full list of your plugins so we can tell you witch ones don’t work here well?

  1. Astra widgets
  2. Disable and remove google fonts
  3. Elementor
  4. Elementor pro
  5. HTTP headers
  6. Imagify
  7. Ivory search
  8. Jetpack
  9. Minify HTML
  10. My sticky menu
  11. Really simple ssl
  12. Site kit by google
  13. Ultimate addons for gutenberg
  14. Wp rocket
  15. Wp disqus
  16. Wp forms lite
  17. Yoast seo.

I read somewhere upto 20 is fine but not sure

Pagespeedinsight showing 5 sec and pingdom 7. Is it with me only?
If this case is with everyone with IF hosting then i am fine.



It depends on how they are coded, and how much resources they take.

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Elementor is also not sugegsted one free hosting

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I will remove jetpack only, as i can’t go without wp rocket its best and don’t consume much resource, only cron it runs is cahe refresh or purge nothing else.

Also google found lot of articles about high cpu resource usage for JETPACK ( the ultimate way to slowdown your server) but very less for wp rocket, after all its paid but i am using gpl version​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And if we talk about elementor then its most likely that you are kidding.

As @jaikrishna.t said, Elementor is not supported. It is not designed for free hosting and can lead to suspension very quickly.


That’s the main issue. The cache is slowing down your website.

Why would we kid? Elementor takes a lot of resources, and leads to suspensions. Just search the forum!


Okk let’s see if it helps, but don’t you think cache preserve server resource by serving static file it should actually decrese the bandwith use, also the cache refresh time is 48 hrs so it shouldn’t create cron regularly.

And elementor, bro its annoying to even listen that you can’t use elementor i am fine with slow speed for a second but not without elementor, i don’t want a simple html page actually no one wants. Also my site suspended only for one time since last two months.

Looks like i have to upgrade to solve whole.

Also do you think my website front page is too heavy???

Static files? WordPress is completely dynamic!

Instead of using Elementor, you could just use basic WP themes.


Static file caching of images, CSS, etc. reduces bandwidth usage, but it’s handled by the browser, not the server.

WordPress server caching only saves CPU power and database usage. It doesn’t affect bandwidth and EP usage (there is still PHP code to fetch the right cache and it still needs to be served to the visitor), and may increase IO usage (due to reading and writing the cached content).


Deleted wp rocket, jetpack, really simple ssl, imagify, google site kit

And its quite fast from earlier ( about 3 sec), you can check above.

Elementor, i can’t leave that. My whole website design is based on it if i delete it i have to start from scratch. Also wp classic editor have limited options.

I think everyone use elementor and are perfectly fine with it. The real problem is limited resources as it can be understood.

Thanks for helping upto here, just last question is their any other way to speed up on free hosting.

They are also fine with the slow loading it brings. If you want to slow down your site, delete it. If you’re ok with how your site loads, keep it.

Also, I invite you to scroll back up this thread and look at the number of people that said Elemntor is not suitable for free hosting.

The last option is to buy premium. That will speed up your site without you having to remove the plugin.


Understood, thnx for helping.

I hope thier are no other causes except this one.

Again thanks for helping upto here.

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